Aquasource Faucet Reviews

This article will focus on feature one of several aquasource faucet reviews that are available online from people who purchased products from distributors of Aquasource faucets.

The aquasource faucet review on Epinions at www. is from a satisfied customer who purchased a High Swivel Kitchen Faucet with spray.  The reviewer said that the product is easy to install, is priced just right, and comes with a ten-year warranty.  The model in question is product number #18780 and she bought it from Lowe’s Building Supply, a big time hardware store in the United States. This aquasource faucet review is very helpful because the writer also writes about the pros, cons, what is needed to install the product and the ten-year warranty.

The reviewer writes that the only con is getting the old faucet off and this condition is very variable.  A case in point is that she mentions that the plumbers used super glue on the retaining rings so removal was difficult.  Installation is easy once this is done, she states.  The product comes with installation instructions.

Before installing, she writes, things like an adjustable wrench, channel locks, screwdrivers, plumbers putty, supply stops, basin wrench, supply tubing and fittings are needed and to make sure that the water supply is turned off before proceeding with the operation.  She had trouble with her sink’s valves because the valve was a decade old. The addition of these items in the review helps the reader prepare should they decide to purchase and install the model that is the subject of this aquasource faucet review.

She also writes about the aesthetics and qualities of the faucet such as the brass waterways and the 1/4 turn washer less cartridge. In this aquasource faucet review she takes note of the finish, which is of sleek, polished chrome and then she goes on with the white plastic and chrome handles which she says adds a nice touch to the faucet and sink.  The spout stands about ten inches high above the sink and this makes dishwashing involving huge items like cauldrons, wide pans, and deep pots easy to do.  We also learn that this model has a long spray hose that is very handy for washing trash cans and other items that are too big to be accommodated despite the ten-inch clearance afforded by the sink. Very handy!

It was mentioned in the aquasource faucet review that the price is just right but the icing on the cake is the ten-year limited warranty on the product.  The reviewer is apparently a regular at Lowe’s Building Supply and knows how to shop around and mentions that cheap faucets are lacking in the aesthetics while the elaborate one were as pricey as they looked.  The model she writes about in the review was bought for thirty six dollars so it was a good deal and it comes with a ten-year limited warranty that covers all parts, fittings, and connections.

She is very satisfied with the product and she recommends it to people who need a new faucet that looks good.

The aquasource faucet review on the website has two comments so far and both of them are positive and are in line with what is written in this article.

Another review on Wet head Media at is about the AquaSource Polished Chrome Double-Handle Bathroom Faucet with model number F512000000CP.  The reviewer is not named.  The reviewer mentions that the product is a three-hole installation type with a threaded pipe connection and polished chrome finish.  The price is twenty five dollars and is said to be have the balance of price and aesthetics.  The reviewer advises online shoppers that ecommerce sites tend to hide inexpensive products to they have to search thoroughly.  A comment on the review states that the product has a design flaw which will eventually make it hard to turn the faucet.