Aquasource Bathroom Faucet

This article will discuss the different aquasource bathroom faucet models to choose from and the objective is to help interested parties decide which one is best for their needs by discussing the qualities that these different aquasource athroom faucets possess.

Model 67307-5004 is an aquasource bathroom faucet that goes by the label ‘Aquasource Brushed Nickel Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet’ and it comes with the drain included.  The product, when installed, will take up eight inches of horizontal space.  It saves water thanks to a 1.5 GPM aerator and ceramic disc cartridge.  The PVD finish protects the faucet from scratching and tarnishing and comes with a limited lifetime warranty to reduce cost to a minimum in the event of breakage.  aquasource bathroom faucet model F51B0008BNC is a model that is similar to 67307-5004 but takes up less horizontal space, has an easier to install drain but does not come with the warranty.

Aquasource bathroom faucet model HS8076AB-07 is also called ‘AquaSource Creation Suites Polished Brass Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet’ and is quite a mouthful.  It is a very beautiful model that adds a classy touch to a bathroom thanks to its’ polished brass finish.  Nice!  It comes with a drain and is WaterSense certified so water is conserved.  It is an elegant model that has eight inch widespread double handles.  Reviews of this product mention that the finish on this product is a lot thicker compared to others so tarnishing is not an issue for a very long time and the price was a deciding factor for them when they purchased the product.  Reviewers also cite that the product is easy to use but the installation instructions were found wanting.

Aquasource bathroom faucet model F5111069CP is called the ‘Aquasource Chrome Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet’ and it comes with a drain.  The inclusion of metal and porcelain handles allow for personalization.  Porcelain handles look very nice!  It uses 32% less water without sacrificing performance thanks to its’ WaterSense compliance.  It is easy to install and comes with washerless cartridges to keep drips to a minimum.  The traditional style of the model ensures that it can blend in any kind of bathroom.

Model F5111069YP which is also known as Aquasource Polished Brass Two-Handle Bathroom Faucet is another brass finished variant that is a lot more traditional in design compared to the previous brass model that is mentioned in this article. The traditional design allows this model to fit in most bathroom settings.  Watersense compliance ensures water conservation without sacrificing performance and the washerless cartridges furthers the cause by keeping drips to a minimum.   It comes with porcelain and metal handles which is a feature in model F5111069CP but is not in the earlier brass model.  In a world where metal faucets are common, the porcelain handles are sure to attract buyers who want to something different.

Aquasource Brushed Nickel Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet with model number F5120000NP comes with a drain.  It is WaterSense certified and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  It also durable and easy to install and is among the affordable models in the aquasource bathroom faucet product line based on reviews on online stores. F5120000CP model is a chrome finished version of this product.

Aquasource Creation Suites Brushed Nickel 2-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet (HS8076AB-06) is nickel finished model of the ‘AquaSource Creation Suites Polished Brass Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet’ model but is apparently harder to install because of the installation instructions and not because of the quality of the product.

There is a plethora of options from Aquasource available to home improvement adepts out there that are looking into modifying their bathroom that are not in this article.  Lowes’ online portal is a good place to go to for other models.  Explore, pick, and improve.  Enjoy bathing