Aquasource Kitchen Faucet

There are lots of aquasource kitchen faucet models to choose from and this article will explore some of the models available.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model N4023000031 :

Aquasource kitchen faucet N4023000031 is Aquasource two-handle Kitchen Faucet that is constructed from brass and is adorned with a brushed nickel finish.  This aquasource kitchen faucet model includes a side sprayer that can be used to wash items that cannot be washed in the sink and it comes with a lifetime warranty

Aquasource kitchen faucet model FP4A4046NP :

Aquasource kitchen faucet FP4A4046NP is a Brushed Nickel one-handle Pull-down Faucet.  The model is a pull-down type that can emit water in sprays or as a stream and can double as a hose when washing items that cannot be washed in the sink.  A deck plate is included and it is two inches thick at most and the ceramic disk valving saves water by keeping the faucet drip-free.  The spout height is 13.25 inches which is quite handy when there is a need to wash big items in the sink.  It is compatible only with sinks that have one hole.  The handle on this model is a lever type which is a lot easier to use than typical twist types.  It is compliant with standards that govern lead content so you are sure to get safe water.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model 65710N-B38038D2 :

Aquasource kitchen faucet 65710N-B38038D2 is a Stainless Steel One-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.  Just like the first model detailed in this article, this model is a faucet than can double as a hose for items that cannot fit in the sink or are just too gross to be washed in the same place where dishes are washed.  It is coated with a PVD finish that resists tarnishing and scratching keeping it looking good for years.  The ceramic disk valve on this model keeps water from dripping needlessly.   It can be installed on sinks that have two, three, or four holes thanks to available deck plates and as a bonus it also comes with a soap dispenser which is very handy.  The limited lifetime warranty keeps you covered in the event of breakage.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model 67157-1008D1 :

The aquasource kitchen faucet 67157-1008D1 is a Stainless Steel Two-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray.  The Side Spray included with this model gives a second hose to use when the need arises with the first one being the faucet itself.  It can be installed in sinks that have four holes and is drip free thanks to the ceramic disk valve.  On websites that sell it, it is shown in a stainless steel finish which implies that models with a different finish may be available.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model 047500A :

Another aquasource kitchen faucet is 047500A which is an Aquasource Oil-Rubbed Bronze One-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet.  The faucet can emit water in spray mode or in aerated stream mode.  It can be pulled out for washing items that cannot be washed in the sink and is equipped with ceramic disk valves for drip free operation.  It is lead free so water is guaranteed safe from contamination by the metal, and comes with a soap dispenser.  The optional deck plate gives the option of installing the faucet in one-hole or three-hole sinks while the flexible supply lines guarantee an easy installation experience.  Model 67361-1027H2 is a two-handled, high arched version of this faucet but is installed on four-hole sinks and it comes with a side spray and a limited lifetime warranty.

These are just a few of the aquasource kitchen model options available to consumers who want to improve their homes.  Depending on the need and taste there is a model that will satisfy so go visit your nearest home improvement store or check out their online stores.