Aquasource Shower Faucet

Ablution is a vital ritual in life that promotes health and hygiene.  Aquasource shower faucets are great products in promoting health and well being with the addition of convenience and aesthetics and this article will feature some of aquasource shower faucets that are available for purchase.

Aquasource shower faucet model F3011507CP is known as Aquasource Chrome Three-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Single-Function Showerhead.  It is a good replacement to standard shower head and faucet combination that has three handles that are eight inches in diameter.  The full spray shower head gives a very refreshing and soothing bathing experience.  Model F3014503CP is a similar model but it has twisting handles unlike the twisting knobs in the former model.

Model F1A14529CP aquasource shower faucet, also known as Aquasource Chrome One-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Single Function Showerhead is another replacement to similar products from competitors.  The product prevents hot water scalding but ensuring that the water is pressure balanced.  The flowing, transitional design is guaranteed to make this product blend with any shower setting and just like the first product the shower head provides a full spray for an awesome bathing experience.

Aquasource shower faucet model F1A14207CP is called the AquaSource Chrome One-Handle Shower Faucet with Single Function Showerhead.  It is a good replacement to any single-handle shower faucet and is designed to blend with any kind of shower room.  The water is pressure balanced to protect the bather from unnecessary hot water scalding and the shower head provides a full on spray for a refreshing bath.

Aquasource Chrome Two-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Single Function Showerhead is another great product.  The model number of this aquasource shower faucet is F2010515CP and is a good replacement to a two-handle tub and showerhead set up.  The handles are eight inches in diameter and the showerhead design provides a refreshing spray.

Model 3010-501-CH-L, Aquasource Two-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Single Function Showerhead is an interesting product because it is designed for mobile and transitional homes like Winnebagos for instance.  It is not made of metal so it will not corrode and it comes with the shower head, arm, and flange.  With this product you experience the pleasure of bathing anywhere your mobile home can go.

The AquaSource Nickel 1-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Multi-Function Showerhead goes by the model number of 873-4704 and is distinct from the other products in the aquasource shower faucet line because of its’ anti-tarnish PVD finish and ceramic cartridges the minimize unwanted drips.  It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty so expenditure is minimized in the event of breakage.
Model 3010-501-BN-L is another product for mobile homes. It is also called the Aquasource Brushed Nickel Two-handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Single-function Showerhead.   It comes with quarter turn drip free cartridges so water is conserved and it also has the shower head, arm and flange included.  The shower head has holes lined in green on the black shower head that sets it apart from generic shower heads from competitors.  The non-metallic composition of this model is noteworthy.
This article just scratches the surface.  There are other models available that can be found by visiting the local hardware or home improvement store, like Lowe’s or by going online and looking for Aquasource Shower Faucets in various online stores.  Each product has variations that cater to different needs.  It is a fun thing to do and is very rewarding in the end.  Bathing is enjoyable and make it more so by choosing aquasource faucets

Aquasource Kitchen Faucet

There are lots of aquasource kitchen faucet models to choose from and this article will explore some of the models available.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model N4023000031 :

Aquasource kitchen faucet N4023000031 is Aquasource two-handle Kitchen Faucet that is constructed from brass and is adorned with a brushed nickel finish.  This aquasource kitchen faucet model includes a side sprayer that can be used to wash items that cannot be washed in the sink and it comes with a lifetime warranty

Aquasource kitchen faucet model FP4A4046NP :

Aquasource kitchen faucet FP4A4046NP is a Brushed Nickel one-handle Pull-down Faucet.  The model is a pull-down type that can emit water in sprays or as a stream and can double as a hose when washing items that cannot be washed in the sink.  A deck plate is included and it is two inches thick at most and the ceramic disk valving saves water by keeping the faucet drip-free.  The spout height is 13.25 inches which is quite handy when there is a need to wash big items in the sink.  It is compatible only with sinks that have one hole.  The handle on this model is a lever type which is a lot easier to use than typical twist types.  It is compliant with standards that govern lead content so you are sure to get safe water.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model 65710N-B38038D2 :

Aquasource kitchen faucet 65710N-B38038D2 is a Stainless Steel One-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet.  Just like the first model detailed in this article, this model is a faucet than can double as a hose for items that cannot fit in the sink or are just too gross to be washed in the same place where dishes are washed.  It is coated with a PVD finish that resists tarnishing and scratching keeping it looking good for years.  The ceramic disk valve on this model keeps water from dripping needlessly.   It can be installed on sinks that have two, three, or four holes thanks to available deck plates and as a bonus it also comes with a soap dispenser which is very handy.  The limited lifetime warranty keeps you covered in the event of breakage.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model 67157-1008D1 :

The aquasource kitchen faucet 67157-1008D1 is a Stainless Steel Two-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray.  The Side Spray included with this model gives a second hose to use when the need arises with the first one being the faucet itself.  It can be installed in sinks that have four holes and is drip free thanks to the ceramic disk valve.  On websites that sell it, it is shown in a stainless steel finish which implies that models with a different finish may be available.

Aquasource kitchen faucet model 047500A :

Another aquasource kitchen faucet is 047500A which is an Aquasource Oil-Rubbed Bronze One-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet.  The faucet can emit water in spray mode or in aerated stream mode.  It can be pulled out for washing items that cannot be washed in the sink and is equipped with ceramic disk valves for drip free operation.  It is lead free so water is guaranteed safe from contamination by the metal, and comes with a soap dispenser.  The optional deck plate gives the option of installing the faucet in one-hole or three-hole sinks while the flexible supply lines guarantee an easy installation experience.  Model 67361-1027H2 is a two-handled, high arched version of this faucet but is installed on four-hole sinks and it comes with a side spray and a limited lifetime warranty.

These are just a few of the aquasource kitchen model options available to consumers who want to improve their homes.  Depending on the need and taste there is a model that will satisfy so go visit your nearest home improvement store or check out their online stores.

Aquasource Bathroom Faucet

This article will discuss the different aquasource bathroom faucet models to choose from and the objective is to help interested parties decide which one is best for their needs by discussing the qualities that these different aquasource athroom faucets possess.

Model 67307-5004 is an aquasource bathroom faucet that goes by the label ‘Aquasource Brushed Nickel Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet’ and it comes with the drain included.  The product, when installed, will take up eight inches of horizontal space.  It saves water thanks to a 1.5 GPM aerator and ceramic disc cartridge.  The PVD finish protects the faucet from scratching and tarnishing and comes with a limited lifetime warranty to reduce cost to a minimum in the event of breakage.  aquasource bathroom faucet model F51B0008BNC is a model that is similar to 67307-5004 but takes up less horizontal space, has an easier to install drain but does not come with the warranty.

Aquasource bathroom faucet model HS8076AB-07 is also called ‘AquaSource Creation Suites Polished Brass Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet’ and is quite a mouthful.  It is a very beautiful model that adds a classy touch to a bathroom thanks to its’ polished brass finish.  Nice!  It comes with a drain and is WaterSense certified so water is conserved.  It is an elegant model that has eight inch widespread double handles.  Reviews of this product mention that the finish on this product is a lot thicker compared to others so tarnishing is not an issue for a very long time and the price was a deciding factor for them when they purchased the product.  Reviewers also cite that the product is easy to use but the installation instructions were found wanting.

Aquasource bathroom faucet model F5111069CP is called the ‘Aquasource Chrome Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet’ and it comes with a drain.  The inclusion of metal and porcelain handles allow for personalization.  Porcelain handles look very nice!  It uses 32% less water without sacrificing performance thanks to its’ WaterSense compliance.  It is easy to install and comes with washerless cartridges to keep drips to a minimum.  The traditional style of the model ensures that it can blend in any kind of bathroom.

Model F5111069YP which is also known as Aquasource Polished Brass Two-Handle Bathroom Faucet is another brass finished variant that is a lot more traditional in design compared to the previous brass model that is mentioned in this article. The traditional design allows this model to fit in most bathroom settings.  Watersense compliance ensures water conservation without sacrificing performance and the washerless cartridges furthers the cause by keeping drips to a minimum.   It comes with porcelain and metal handles which is a feature in model F5111069CP but is not in the earlier brass model.  In a world where metal faucets are common, the porcelain handles are sure to attract buyers who want to something different.

Aquasource Brushed Nickel Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet with model number F5120000NP comes with a drain.  It is WaterSense certified and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  It also durable and easy to install and is among the affordable models in the aquasource bathroom faucet product line based on reviews on online stores. F5120000CP model is a chrome finished version of this product.

Aquasource Creation Suites Brushed Nickel 2-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet (HS8076AB-06) is nickel finished model of the ‘AquaSource Creation Suites Polished Brass Two-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Faucet’ model but is apparently harder to install because of the installation instructions and not because of the quality of the product.

There is a plethora of options from Aquasource available to home improvement adepts out there that are looking into modifying their bathroom that are not in this article.  Lowes’ online portal is a good place to go to for other models.  Explore, pick, and improve.  Enjoy bathing

Aquasource Faucet Reviews

This article will focus on feature one of several aquasource faucet reviews that are available online from people who purchased products from distributors of Aquasource faucets.

The aquasource faucet review on Epinions at www. is from a satisfied customer who purchased a High Swivel Kitchen Faucet with spray.  The reviewer said that the product is easy to install, is priced just right, and comes with a ten-year warranty.  The model in question is product number #18780 and she bought it from Lowe’s Building Supply, a big time hardware store in the United States. This aquasource faucet review is very helpful because the writer also writes about the pros, cons, what is needed to install the product and the ten-year warranty.

The reviewer writes that the only con is getting the old faucet off and this condition is very variable.  A case in point is that she mentions that the plumbers used super glue on the retaining rings so removal was difficult.  Installation is easy once this is done, she states.  The product comes with installation instructions.

Before installing, she writes, things like an adjustable wrench, channel locks, screwdrivers, plumbers putty, supply stops, basin wrench, supply tubing and fittings are needed and to make sure that the water supply is turned off before proceeding with the operation.  She had trouble with her sink’s valves because the valve was a decade old. The addition of these items in the review helps the reader prepare should they decide to purchase and install the model that is the subject of this aquasource faucet review.

She also writes about the aesthetics and qualities of the faucet such as the brass waterways and the 1/4 turn washer less cartridge. In this aquasource faucet review she takes note of the finish, which is of sleek, polished chrome and then she goes on with the white plastic and chrome handles which she says adds a nice touch to the faucet and sink.  The spout stands about ten inches high above the sink and this makes dishwashing involving huge items like cauldrons, wide pans, and deep pots easy to do.  We also learn that this model has a long spray hose that is very handy for washing trash cans and other items that are too big to be accommodated despite the ten-inch clearance afforded by the sink. Very handy!

It was mentioned in the aquasource faucet review that the price is just right but the icing on the cake is the ten-year limited warranty on the product.  The reviewer is apparently a regular at Lowe’s Building Supply and knows how to shop around and mentions that cheap faucets are lacking in the aesthetics while the elaborate one were as pricey as they looked.  The model she writes about in the review was bought for thirty six dollars so it was a good deal and it comes with a ten-year limited warranty that covers all parts, fittings, and connections.

She is very satisfied with the product and she recommends it to people who need a new faucet that looks good.

The aquasource faucet review on the website has two comments so far and both of them are positive and are in line with what is written in this article.

Another review on Wet head Media at is about the AquaSource Polished Chrome Double-Handle Bathroom Faucet with model number F512000000CP.  The reviewer is not named.  The reviewer mentions that the product is a three-hole installation type with a threaded pipe connection and polished chrome finish.  The price is twenty five dollars and is said to be have the balance of price and aesthetics.  The reviewer advises online shoppers that ecommerce sites tend to hide inexpensive products to they have to search thoroughly.  A comment on the review states that the product has a design flaw which will eventually make it hard to turn the faucet.

Aquasource Faucet Parts

Our body needs water and roughly sixty percent of the body is water and because of this people could not survive going without water for long periods of time as opposed to going without food.  Water is essential to living.  How we access this resource from home matters a lot.  Faucets are an integral part of a house and they can be found the kitchen, the bath, and the yard and these portals of water should be easy to use, last a long time of usage, and look good.  The best bet at getting a faucet that has these qualities is aquasource faucet parts.

Aquasource faucet parts are a good component in any home.  Aquasource faucet parts are made with quality in mind so will last a long time.  Having a shower head or faucet fail at an important time like bathing or dishwashing is a stressful experience but with aquasource faucet parts such a thing is a rare occurrence thus there is no need to call plumbers to fix it for you every so often.

Nobody wants to wash dishes, prepare food, or take a bath in a place that looks bad.  An ugly looking faucet it a classy looking room sticks out like a sore thumb.  Aquasource faucet parts look good and there are several models to choose from.

The Pull out Single Handle Kitchen Faucet, which can fit into sinks with one or three holes, comes with a pull out spray spout that is very handy for use in the kitchen and this model also comes with a hose that is made of nylon which guarantees that faucet operation is as quiet as possible and it also sports a drip-free ceramic cartridge.  The chrome finish of this model looks good and is guaranteed to give any kitchen a classy feel.

Another beauty among the different models of Aquasource faucet parts is the Aquasource Polished Chrome One-Handle WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet that may comes with a drain.  The inclusion of a drain is a great value for money.  The polished chrome finish adds a touch of beauty to the bathroom.  This model is WaterSense certified as well.  WaterSense is a program by the Environmental Protection Agency that promotes water conservation so not only does one save money in terms of faucet purchase with this model, money that is associated with water consumption is saved too and is good for the planet.  The cartridge for this model does not come with a washer thus durability is guaranteed.  The drain that comes with this model is a pop up type.

Shower heads are included in other models of aquasource faucet parts.  There is the Aquasource Brushed Nickel Two-handle Tub and Shower Faucet with Single-function Showerhead.  What makes this model very interesting is that it can be used in mobile or modular homes so comfortable and long-lasting access to water is guaranteed anywhere your vehicle can go.  It also comes with quarter turn drip free cartridges so water is conserved and it also has the shower head, arm and flange included.  The shower head has holes lined in green on the black shower head that sets it apart from generic shower heads from other companies.  The non-metallic composition of this model is noteworthy.

Looking for something that sets your bath form those that come with silver or chrome faucets?  Aquasource Artesian Bronze Two-Handle WaterSensnse Bathroom Faucet is worth a look.  Among the different aquasource faucet parts, this is bronze-finished and comes with a matching drain pop up assembly.  EPA WaterSense compliance guarantees money saving water consumption and is also compliant with AB1953 standard that minimizes the use of lead in plumbing products.  Repairs are the last thing that comes to mind when using durable aquasource faucet parts but this model comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you save money should the rare instance of breakage occurs.

Aquasource Faucet Manufacturer

If you are looking for the class, quality and style of bathroom and kitchen faucets, it is indeed the best choice to opt for the different styles and types of the Aquasource faucet. They are definitely a beautiful addition to your home. They will certainly commend your bathroom and kitchen and make your home look as if you are in an exclusive hotel. You will certainly love them and even the visitors will be impressed and dying to have it. Their quality and styles do speak for themselves.

Priceless Quality Offers by Aquasource Faucet Manufacturer

Aquasource faucet manufacturer is surely proud of providing high quality and first class kitchen faucets. With the numbers of different designed kitchen faucets available in the market, you will be amaze with the remarkable design and quality of a Pull out Single Handle Kitchen Faucet. It is one of the intricately designed faucets ever manufactured. It features a drip-free ceramic cartridge and a pull out spray spout that are appropriate for handy use in the kitchen. They are available in designs to fit kitchen sink with one or three holes. The surface is chrome finish that visibly provides beauty and elegance in your kitchen. The same also with the Stainless Steel Pull Down Faucet that are designed to speak ease, comfort and beauty. It is used by just pulling down the handle then the water will pours down from the faucet, unlike traditional chrome faucet that you will need to turn the handle several times to let the water flows. And with the stainless steel body that provides smooth and shiny surface finish, it will also guarantee you with lasting resistance from oxidation and wear. Another of its popular type of faucet is the Oil-Rubbed Pull Down Kitchen Faucet. It is designed to fit 2 to 4 holes kitchen sink type and uniquely with a desk plate and a soap dispenser plus a dual spray head.

Aquasource faucet manufacturer has still lot to offer, they are also providing numerous designs and types of bathroom faucets that you will certainly like. This will indeed change the atmosphere of your bathroom and will really turn to be commendable. Among the known types bathroom faucets are; the 2-Handle Bronze Bathroom Faucet, 2-Handle Satin Nickel Finish Bathroom Faucets and the 8-inch Bronze Widespread Faucet. All offers the class and quality that you will surely love and enjoy.

No doubt Aquasource manufacturer had spent a lot of time for extensive research to guarantee quality and style that the customers deserve.